Simple or Complex - You Decide

Capture One is known for its color editing related tools, that make elaborate color grading fun and quick. The way you work on color in Capture One depends entirely on your needs. If you want to just quickly correct unwanted color cast or add a hint of warm tone to our image - you can do this in a few seconds with specific, dedicated tools. If you are after adjusting specific colors in a photo - this can be done with the basic color correction tools. And if you feel like challenging yourselves with creating some carefully fine-tuned, multi layered color grading, Capture One has everything you need to accomplish this.

It's All About Color

The Color Balance Tool is about color and its intensity - you can adjust them on the fly, working towards pleasing, balanced results. The tool allows you to fine tune selected luminosity ranges - you can inject for example a bit of blue to the shadows in your landscape without affecting midtones nor highlights. 

Watch the video below and try for yourself - working with color car really be fun if you do it right. The Color Balance Tool is super intuitive and easy to use, you get instant results even without being familiar with the Color Theory. If you are totally new to Capture One and need help with free trial installation - no worries, I have a quick guide ready here.

Color Grade with Style

For those of you who are feeling a bit lazy, or just need a little spark of motivation I have developed a Capture One Style Pack inspired by nature. I love roaming endlessly in wilderness - no matter if it is European forest covered with a snow or some remote Thai beach. Walking in silence amongst high trees always was and will be priceless to me. Check out the Styles below - I hope that using them for your own experiments will give you as much joy as I had when taking those images and color grading them. Enjoy!


  • KZ-01 - Indigo Tale
  • KZ-02 - Ancient Woods
  • KZ-03 - Windy Pass

If you need help with installing the Styles - watch this short video by Capture One here.


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