It's nearly Christmas Holidays here in Poland, the temperatures dropped, but we haven't seen any snow yet. You can say it's winter from a quick glance at the darkness outside your window. I'm writing about Polish winter and posting images flooded with light - that's to bring back some dreamy memories from the tiny rock lost in the Mediterranean Sea called Malta.

I took these images of my beautiful Portuguese friend Angela one afternoon. It was bright, it was hot and it was humid. At that time we were both exhausted with the heat, now, well, it's kind of nice to think of the sunshine when everything is wrapped in darkness. So the images are my latest experiments with Capture One 20 combined with Photoshop. I'm getting quite comfortable jumping from one application to the other, polishing my workflow. Typically Capture One covers exposure and HDR adjustments, then I take the 16 bit TIFF file to Photoshop, if there is any retouching needed, and jump back to Capture One to finish off the images with color grading plus some extra final touches.

It's funny to surprise my friends with some new edits, they usually got 2 or 3 photos immediately after the session and that was it. Working on similar portraits in Photoshop meant for me spending several hours on each of them, which was a bit boring to my liking. My archives grow, I'm collecting photos, but no one ever have seen any variations of images from the same session. Well... until I discovered the Capture One universe.

DSC_9121 1
DSC_9112 1 1