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An American in Lanta

The following series turned out to be my interpretation of the famous quote from Henry David Thoreau "all good things are wild and free". I might add here "unexpected" as well.

Daniel, as most humble people, didn't like the idea of sitting in front of the lens at all and it took me quite a while to convince him to do so. I have photographed him in a quite random hotel room in Koh Lanta - one of the beautiful islands in Southern Thailand. Once he said "yeah" and was hoping that I will drop the subject and forget about the whole thing altogether, I had to act quickly. Simplicity born out of restrictions can be our great ally. Strong mid-afternoon daylight, a dark sheet as background and a few props picked off the street were the components I had at my disposal. Plus Dan's enormous patience.

I came back to these photographs after almost two years, playing with Capture One. The monochrome edits was my choice to create a consistent set of images without the need of managing color. Black and white treatment helps to keep the series simple, convey timeless, cinematic mood and put the emphasis on beautifully pronounced textures.

One of the things I love about photography is the possibility of seeing all the tiny elements that build the scene. All these unnoticed particles of dust, delicate shadowplay and subject's hesitant gesture captured in the image are what matters to me the most. Unexpected. Wild and free.


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