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RAW Editing – Learn the Secrets of Effective Noise Correction

Have you ever photographed a spectacular night scene - a cityscape, landscape, or maybe even a moody portrait lit with a dim light? When it comes to capturing dramatic, moody scenes, the more you know what you are doing - the better the final results. Shooting in low light can be technically demanding, but having the basic understanding of your photographic equipment and approaching post processing in a smart way can save some of your best images.

Low light typically means higher ISO settings, which can effect in extensive noise. Certain amount of noise, when working with high ISO is inevitable, but if it gets out of control, the image quality can degradate quickly. The best strategy to maintain high quality of your work is to avoid noise in the first place. As a next step, during the post production stage we can avoid heavy manipulation with tools that enhance noise.

In the "Learn the Secrets of Effective Noise Correction" video I have covered in detail techniques that will help you keep your artwork as noiseless as possible. Learn how to efficiently avoid noise and how to deal with the existing one. Happy noise correcting!

The video is part of our new course "From RAW to a Perfect Photo - Develop & Process Like a Pro".

This online photo editing course will teach you how to develop your RAW digital negatives in Adobe Camera RAW and enhance further your photos in a seamless way, simply producing stunning images to impress your clients. Taking full advantage of the data stored in your RAW files allows great level of control and flexibility during the post processing stage.