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Portrait Photography Masterclass – Outdoor Portrait complete edit

In this video we'll focus on an moody female outdoor portrait shot in Malta. I will walk you through a complete portrait editing workflow finished off with selective sharpening.

The 60 min video includes:
  • quick image overview
  • image preparation
  • black & white conversion as a part of color work
  • targeted luminosity adjustments - building depth in the image
  • final touches


Download the supporting files here and let's get started!

The video series is part of the "Portrait Photography Masterclass - Photoshop Pro Techniques" course.


The complete course covers:

  • Easy ways to fix common issues including "flat" images, washed out sky, eyes obscured by shadow, low contrast, and lack of definition, details and/or texture
  • How to artfully perform basic clean up on your subject's skin
  • Useful techniques to pick out details and, in an intelligent way, sharpen selected areas in your photo
  • Masterful techniques to get the most out of Photoshop’s powerful adjustment tool, Curves
  • How to work with masks and seamlessly blend them
  • An efficient and quick workflow based on Adjustment Layers
  • A few simple steps to to apply targeted adjustments to make major improvements to your images
  • The best way to increase distinction in your portraits and add drama
  • “Non-destructive" techniques that will further enhance your images