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Charles – Model Photobook

November 27, 2019

My friend Charles asked me recently to put together couple of his portraits and create a sort of model photobook for him. We did in the past several photo projects together, so I went through my archives and pulled out images that might possibly work as a series. I have used Capture One to create two sets of images – monochromatic and in color, combination of those two gives more variety, the book got a vibrant touch to it. So fingers crossed for Charles, and if you are looking for…

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Luminosity Masks: The Definitive Guide

September 5, 2019

Luminosity Masks: The Definitive Guide Luminosity masks are a photographer’s secret weapon to elevating a good photo to a pixel-perfect work of art. They allow you to combine speed and precision in your post-processing work, so you can quickly and efficiently make advanced adjustments.    That may sound daunting, like you need specialized skills in order to blend exposures like a professional. I am a pro, with more than 20 years using photography as my chosen medium… and I can still remember hearing about luminosity masks for the first time…

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An American in Lanta

July 31, 2019

The following series turned out to be my interpretation of the famous quote from Henry David Thoreau “all good things are wild and free”. I might add here “unexpected” as well. Daniel, as most humble people, didn’t like the idea of sitting in front of the lens at all and it took me quite a while to convince him to do so. I have photographed him in a quite random hotel room in Koh Lanta – one of the beautiful islands in Southern Thailand. Once he said “yeah” and was…

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Copy, Apply and Fine Tune Image Adjustments in Capture One 12

June 27, 2019

I must admit that one of my favorite features in Capture One are predefined Styles. Working with RAW files and having at my disposal huge amount of data enables great flexibility and gives plenty of space for creative experiments. Capture One by default comes with a set of built-in Styles and Presets. Presets are settings for a single adjustment, while Styles are collections of Presets. When you apply a Style to your image it can control multiple adjustments, which means it will set multiple parameters in your RAW file with…

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Color Grading with Color Editor Tool in Capture One 12

June 14, 2019

In this video you will learn advanced color grading technique with the Color Editor Tool in Capture One 12. I will show you how to precisely pick a color from the image, adjust its range and modify selected color. With Color Editor you can adjust Hue, Saturation and Luminosity of picked color range. You will also learn how to combine working with layers and Color Editor for greatest flexibility and control. Controls available within the Advanced Color Editor Tool:   Color Picker – click on the icon to activate the…

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On Vision & Voice by Magnum Photographers – 2nd Edition

June 1, 2019

You may already have seen me recommending the first edition of this ebook back in the 2017. If you liked the first version, you’ll definitely enjoy the current one. If you haven’t seen it yet – it’s a must. Everyone knows Magnum Agency, well at least those who love photography, this ebook is their voice of encouragement for enthusiasts and aspiring photographers. The second edition is an extended version, it contains over 60 pages of images and words written by some of the best photographers in the industry. So called…

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Vintage Sweet & Chic

May 20, 2019

I must admit that recently I haven’t processed many images from my vast archives. And definitely I haven’t done much portraiture work, traveling almost always means new photos of mountains, ocean, desert and rarely people. So for a change I felt like working on a series of portraits. These were taken in Malta three years ago with the pretty Simona, who gracefully and with a great deal of patience modelled for the series. The images were mainly edited in Capture One with a few final touches added in Photoshop. I…

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Luma Masking in Capture One 12

February 25, 2019

Luma Mask Tool enables creating quickly extremely precise masks based on selected luminosity ranges.   In order to work with Luminosity Masks first create a new layer with opaque mask (click the “+” icon in the Layers Tab and from the dropdown menu select “New Filled Layer”.) Next use Luma Mask tool to modify the opaque mask – adjustments will be based on luminosity values (hit the Luma Range button in the Layers Tab).   Luma Masks are dynamic, allow flexibility – can be fine tuned at any time during…

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Color Grading vs Color Correction

August 22, 2018

While most photographers agree that exposure correction and luminosity adjustments are the first steps to take during photo editing workflow, color grading is perceived by many as “mysterious land”. It is a high time to demistify color adjustments! Quite frequently I am getting requests from my students to provide feedback on their work. Many of them reached the point where they became good at adjusting the image to their liking in terms of light distribution, contrast and texture. They feel “stuck”, as there is nothing left to tweak regarding luminosity…

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