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How to Transform Your Images with Photoshop Luminosity Masks

  If you always wanted to start working with Photoshop Luminosity Masks (LM) but felt overwhelmed – watch this short playlist of 3 videos. You will quickly learn:   what LM are how to use them in your workflow what are the benefits of working with LM how to perform advanced Photoshop adjustments with LM…

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Portrait Photography Masterclass – Outdoor Portrait complete edit

In this video we’ll focus on an moody female outdoor portrait shot in Malta. I will walk you through a complete portrait editing workflow finished off with selective sharpening.   The 60 min video includes: quick image overview image preparation black & white conversion as a part of color work targeted luminosity adjustments – building depth in…

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Portrait Photography Masterclass – Natural Light complete edit

Working with natural light is one of my favourite techniques. Simplicity of the setup allows me to entirely focus on the subject and observe subtleties of the moment. Using only available light when shooting portraiture can be challenging at times, it often brings unexpected results – and that’s exactly what makes photography a fascinating playground.…

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