Create Actions in Photoshop

Today I have a fun practice exercise for you - how about creating your very own set of Photoshop Actions? Watch the "Create Actions in Photoshop CC - full tutorial" video and learn how in a few minutes record an Action.

The best thing is that what started as fun will be a massive time saver when applied into your workflow. Instead of tediously repeating the same steps over and over when working on your edits you can simply run one of your own hand crafted actions and get the job done in seconds. The "Boredom Reduction" factor comes as a nice bonus! Get the basic editing steps out of the way and jump  right into the creative stuff.

P.S. Managed to create a fantastic Photoshop Action that gives jaw dropping results in split of a second? Share or sell it, there are plenty of people searching how to speed up their photo editing work!


Enjoyed creating your own actions & ready for a next step? If you want to learn how to manually create full set of Luminosity Masks check out our course "Master Your Portraits with Luminosity Masks in Photoshop." Record the process and voila - you'll have your own action for Luminosity Masks. Feeling lazy? Just download the Lumio action provided with the course and take a deep dive into editing world!


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