1/2 Lighting Style in Photography – Low Key Effect

Get inspired by Renaissance Masters and translate the Chiaroscuro oil panting technique into photography medium.

In this class we will explore one of the most dramatic lighting styles in photography - a Low Key technique. The class is packed with examples of Low Key portraiture, since it is my favourite shooting style. I love the simple setup, as with just one source of light (it can be a window covered woth a white sheet to diffuse the sunlight) I can entirely focus on my subject.

It takes time to get efficient - but, well... this relates to mastering anything!

To shoot in a low-key style is relatively easy, no need for any elaborate lighting setup.


All you need is:

  • a dark space
  • and just one light source - and it can be literally ANY light source - you can use a table lamp, open door and work with light coming through form a second room or use your computer’s screen as a soft-box.


The class is going to be fun, I’ll help you with some creative ideas and tips, so after completing the lessons you will have an impressive moody photo to share with your friends.

Ready? Let’s get started!


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