2/2 Lighting Style in Photography – High Key Effect

In the 2nd class from the "Lighting Style in Photography" series, we will focus on the High Key Effect.

In this class you will get familiar with the High Key lighting technique and I will show you how to create bright and soft images indoor, without any elaborate lighting setup.

We will analyse in-dept multiple examples - shot both: indoor and outdoor. Every photo is presented with accompanying histogram and you will have a chance to learn about this basic and very important tool when it comes to evaluating photos.

Your project for the class will be creating a High Key image - the subject is up to you, as long as it is something bright. You can shoot with your digital camera, analog or even with your smartphone - it’s meant to be fun!
At the end of this class you will know how to get soft light in your photos and how to effectively evoke positive emotions in your images with the High Key Effect.


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